ArtrA Training

With more than 10 years’ experience working with ArtrA we can provide the training courses you need to successfully implement the software on projects. Although the basic ArtrA skills are always taught each course is tailored towards the project and the level of technical knowledge required by the various user groups who will be running ArtrA.

BIM & DESIGN MANAGER. This high level training (4 days in 2 sessions) is suitable if you are buying ArtrA for your project and intend to be completely self-sufficient from the outset. The courses are intended for CAD or BIM managers or their designated in-house experts. Skills taught include how best to set up a project, manage the models, database and the tags & documents that will be linked to the project to deliver the intended results.

SITE USER. These courses are delivered once a project has been set-up and is ready for is use in construction or FM. Field personnel will be more concerned about how to use ArtrA than the mechanics of the back-end and consequently a single days training (usually on-site) is all that is required. By the end of the training users will have the confidence to start ArtrA, navigate the models, know how to access the relevant documents & drawings and understand how progress, QA and maintenance information is captured into ArtrA tags.

KICK START. When we provide kick-start consulting services the project will be in good shape for a fast implementation with the majority of the system set up and ready to go. Training is focused on how project information & documentation is imported and linked to the models. Two days training should be more than sufficient with optional single day courses available for power users.

TURN-KEY. After we have delivered your project fully configured with all the available information & documentation linked to ArtrA we will train your staff on how to use the digital O&M system. Training courses are from one to two days depending upon the size and complexity of the project and are suitable for facilities managers and estates managers.

To find out more contact Paul Goodman-Simpson +44 7710137401