ArtrA Tracker

ArtrA Trackers support multi-users and are used both in the field and in the office. Typically they are used on-site for construction management & fit-out and for FM and plant maintenance. One of their key functions is to make project information available at the right time and in the right place where its needed. Trackers are ideal for large installations where information access and document retrieval is required by many users. An added benefit for managers is that the entire plant information resource is portable and therefore accessible in off-site meeting rooms.

There are two types of Tracker. The standard Tracker must be connected (physical/wireless) to the network at all times, whilst the iTracker can run remotely on windows based mobile devices such as Motion or Microsoft Surface tablets. When site data is collected in offline mode the system will automatically synchronise once the network has been detected. Both trackers can be used with ArtrA Enterprise, but the standard Tracker can only used with ArtrA Desktop.






Trackers offer the same basic functionality as the ArtrA Archiver with the exception that it’s not possible to create new links for document or database tags.

CAPTURE DATA. Site information such as punch lists, snagging, maintenance, inspection and commissioning data is captured directly into tags. Data integrity and consistency between multiple users is made possible by using properties with yes/no options or validated lists.

DOCUMENT ACCESS. You can view all the documents attached to objects in the model by double-clicking them. Any electronic file can be opened such as PDF or Autodesk Design Review to provide quick access to drawings, reports and O&M manuals.

WAY FINDING. Tracker’s powerful drill down search functions allow you to quickly find objects in your 3D model or BIM and review them in context with their surroundings. Full support of barcode technology is included so when an object is scanned, Tracker will automatically zoom to it. Once found all relevant documentation and historical maintenance information will be available, plus the tags required to capture new data.

GENERATE REPORTS. Users can create custom material reports using the attributes in the models or generate thematic views to double check their activities and progress.

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