ArtrA Read-Only

BIM FOR OWNERS. These days most architects & engineers are designing buildings in 3D, yet the clients who own and operate them rarely have the opportunity of benefiting from the BIM models they pay for. ArtrA Read-Only is an interactive read-only solution for BIM handover and O&M. As a complete information source it sets new standards for building owners and operators and is the only fully integrated building and O&M database with a graphical front-end on the market.ArtrA Read-Only

O&M HANDOVER. ArtrA Read-Only is the perfect solution for construction companies who are required to deliver a digital O&M to their building owner clients.

EASE OF USE. ArtrA Read-Only is easy to use, and because everything is pre-linked and ready to go, users can teach themselves or take a single day training course to get all the skills needed to be productive.

WHAT DOES IT COST? Nothing. Architects & engineers using ArtrA software can export their projects as a transferable Read-Only resource. Building owners or construction companies wishing to use the information may use the low-cost ArtrA Read-Only. Once the project is imported ArtrA is ready to go.

NAVISWORKS INTERFACE. Users who have a licensed copy of Navisworks will have full access to all building information through the model. Users without Navisworks will be able to access building information and documentation through ArtrA Librarian.

UPGRADE PATH. A full upgrade path is available to ArtrA Read-Only users wanting to use their ArtrA project for construction or facilities management. Re-licencing is managed on-line or through the Amtech Help-Desk and takes no longer than a few minutes. Once upgraded all ArtrA write functionality becomes available enabling new information to be added.

To find out more contact Paul Goodman-Simpson +44 7710137401