ArtrA Librarian

ArtrA Librarian is used to manage your project documentation and the information tags linked to the 3D Plant model or BIM. It is designed to provide quick access to all database information through an intuitive user interface that requires a minimum of user training. Librarian supports multiple user access and can be used in both online and offline modes.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT. ArtrA Librarian enables you to collect and organize your existing project documents and add new ones. Simply point the Librarian to your file directories, or create a new file structure. With your library set up you can search, filter, add, categorize, view, export and print project documents directly from ArtrA Librarian.

TAG MANAGEMENT. ArtrA Librarian allows you to edit, view and manage the information tags linked to your model. You can edit/update/delete existing tag properties and data directly from ArtrA Librarian as well as quickly create a large number of new tags to be attached via the ArtrA Archiver. So if for example you needed to know all relevant information about a piece of equipment, simply navigate to the tag and double click to open the tag input form.
DOCUMENT & TAG – SEARCH & FILTER. ArtrA Librarian offers highly capable search and filtering options for documents and tags which makes it easy to find documents based on title, author, category, publisher, properties, and user-defined filters.  You can filter tag views based on property values and attachment status. 

DOCUMENT & TAG REPORTING. ArtrA Librarian allows you to export document and tag property information to spreadsheets. Combined with its powerful filtering features, you can quickly generate reports on virtually any data in your ArtrA project.

DOCUMENTS ON SITE. ArtrA Librarian can be opened from Tracker to provide field engineers access to all documentation whilst on site using windows based mobile tablets.

To find out more contact Paul Goodman-Simpson +44 7710137401