ArtrA Archiver

ArtrA Archiver is the module where links between the model and ArtrA’s SQL database are defined, established, managed and then interrogated.  

MODEL SEARCHES. ArtrA uses the attributed properties in 3D plant design or BIM models as spatial identifiers for linking database information and documentation. Objects are identified using Archiver’s powerful drill down search capability to produce a set of results to which database tags and documentation is linked.  A typical search might be “Find all 90 minute fire rated doors in building A on floor 5” in a BIM, or ”Find all globe valves on the cooling water system” in a process plant model. Search templates are saved so they can be reused for linking new information and to provide O&M staff with fast access to specific items.

REVIEW SEARCH RESULTS. Search results are highlighted in colour in the model using various clarity filters to hide or make transparent objects that do not match the search criteria. Visual checking helps to validate the models by identifying objects that have been incorrectly attributed. ArtrA’s filtering of the results is helpful when it comes to understanding the complex services found in many buildings and process plant.

LINK TO RESULTS. Archiver is used to link project documentation and user defined information tags to the relevant objects and or equipment in the 3D model by dragging and dropping them onto the search results. This functionality enables construction & O&M staff to convert relatively unintelligent models into data rich projects where all the information and documentation is readily available.

SEARCH TAGS. Users can search for any database property or combination of properties and locate them in the model in context with their surroundings. 

SEARCH DOCUMENTATION. Any document linked to the model can be searched for by its title, author, category etc, or by the ArtrA meta data attached to it. Archiver will identify the location of the linked objects in the model in context with their surroundings. 

REPORTING. Archiver enables owner/operators to access the information contained in plant design and BIM models and create meaningful reports. The system unlocks the information created by the originating BIM authoring tool which most owner/operators do not have and cannot use.

THEMATIC REPORTING. Archiver is used to generate the colour coded views of project information in the BIM or plant 3D model. These reports provide a visual overview of the information in context with the building or plant.

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