ArtrA Administrator

The Administrator module is used to set-up and configure projects. It includes powerful tools to customise ArtrA without specialist programming skills, and sophisticated management functions that allow all aspects of a project to be efficiently organised and administered. Administrator provides comprehensive functionality for the following:

  • Server Management
  • User Management
  • Document Management
  • Model Management
  • Tag & Properties Management
  • Contents List Management
  • Snag Management

SERVER MANAGEMENT. Easily create new projects using management tools to define, maintain and back-up project databases. Projects can be imported or exported as a single transferable resource between stakeholders or phases during the project.

USER MANAGEMENT. Create multiple system users and grant them access to different projects, software modules and functionality. Manage data security with username and password controls. Define system disciplines and apply them to different projects. Assign users to disciplines and monitor current user activity in real-time or view log data.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT. Create and manage single or multiple project libraries and define the document disciplines, categories and meta-data properties that will be assigned to them. Assign disciplines to libraries and meta data properties to disciplines to control the visibility of project documentation. Set the document types and file extensions that ArtrA will use to open and view project documentation.

MODEL MANAGEMENT. Add, remove, update or suspend project models. ArtrA imports Navisworks NWD & NWF files or IFC models. Assign models to disciplines and libraries and to specific users or contractors. Define colour schemes and the tags and properties that are used to generate thematic reports in ArtrA Archiver & Tracker.

TAGS & PROPERTIES. Define the tags & properties in ArtrA’s project database which will be  linked to a 3D model where the values are populated. Assign tags to disciplines which users can view depending upon their access rights. Tags contains a combination of attributed values from a model, and newly defined database properties created in the Property Manager. Properties can be Short Text, Dates/Times, Whole Numbers, Decimal Numbers, Masked Text, Yes/No, Sequenced Values or Memo/Long Text. Default values or Validation Lists are added as necessary. Once defined the tags are linked to a 3D model or BIM in ArtrA Archiver.

IMPORT INFORMATION FROM SPREADSHEETS. Information in spreadsheet (Excel) is one of the most common methods for defining and exchanging project information between different stakeholders. ArtrA provides functions to import spreadsheet information directly into the project database where the values are populated as properties in Tags.


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