ArtrA Products

ArtrA software can be used on a wide range of architectural, engineering & construction projects and in the process & power, industrial and utilities sectors. It is intended for all project phases including design, construction, facilities management and plant life cycle management (PLM). ArtrA is a true database management application but unlike traditional databases it is linked to a 3D model or BIM which acts as the gateway to project information and documentation.

ArtrA is available as a multi-user (ArtrA ENTERPRISE), single user (ArtrA DESKTOP) and as a read-only system through a flexible licensing model designed to suit different types and sizes of projects. The project database can be shared between different stakeholders or handed over as a a single transferable resource. The system consists of four modules which can be purchased independently according to the nature and scale of the project:


ArtrA ENTERPRISE is intended for a MULTI-USER environment where users are working online/offline on site or in the field. ArtrA DESKTOP is SINGLE-USER intended for consultants working on any size of project where the objective is to create a 3D model or BIM based O&M that can be handed over from the design team to a construction company and then onto the building owner for FM, or the plant operator for asset management. ArtrA Read-Only is a single user version of the system that has full access to all project information, but not the ability to add to it.

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