Scan to As-Built

Laser scanning of existing plant infrastructure is becoming more commonplace for owner operators who require accurate as-built information for plant maintenance or extensions. In most cases the point clouds are converted into 3D geometry models from which as-built GA’s and isometrics are produced. scan_to_plm

ArtrA provides a new opportunity for scanning companies and plant owners who can use the resource for plant lifecycle management. Instead of delivering the point clouds and a set of drawings, the resource can be delivered as an ArtrA project database.

AS BUILT. As built drawings are linked to the model where they can be accessed by clicking on the objects or through ArtrA Librarian. ArtrA tags are used to populate the models with accurate information that goes much further than just a simple line number. With ArtrA the model can be used for:

PLANNING. Visually identify pipes & equipment and access all available information. Import planned maintenance schedules. Understand logistics issues prior to site work. Manage planned maintenance.

ENGINEERING. Record, capture & report corrosion status for pipes, structure & supports. Record instrument calibration. Improve punch listing.

SAFETY. Manage & record logistics planning. Fast access to all relevant documentation, work permits, permissions etc.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE. Fast access to all information including ownership, key contacts, responsibility, maintenance history, and emergency procedures.

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