Punch List

ArtrA is used for the inspection and testing of piping systems to record and check that all items have been supplied & installed in accordance with drawings and manufacturer’s requirements, and that the necessary tests to verify the integrity of the piping system, prior to putting into service have been carried out in accordance with the correct standards.punch_2

PUNCH LIST TAGS. A comprehensive set of ArtrA punch list tags for checking and signing off equipment, valves, fittings, piping, supports & hangers is available from BIM Products. These predefined tags are ready for use or they can be modified to suit your project. They can be linked to any piping model using ArtrA’s drill down search/find/link functionality and once this is done the system is ready for use in the field on any Windows based tablet PC.

MANAGEMENT OVERVIEW. When ArtrA is used for punch listing the data captured from site is more reliable and consistent than is possible with paper based methods. This provides managers with an accurate overview of progress and visibility of the issues requiring further attention.

WAY FINDING. Complex piping systems can be difficult to locate and follow in the field using paper copies of P&ID’s and isometrics. ArtrA simplifies this task by identifying the location of any object in the model in context with it’s surroundings. Not only does this increase efficiency, it improves communication and understanding of logistical issues such as the most efficient use of scaffolding.

QUALITY SYSTEMS. ArtrA’s project database will contain information to show that the contractor’s quality system complies with the requirements and standards used for the contract. Compliance certification and documentation will be available through the model to show that the systems and procedures used comply with the project standard whilst the database will enable an audit of the contractor’s quality system at any time.

THEMATIC REPORTS. As well as generating the usual ‘line number’ based tabular reports, ArtrA goes a step further and produces 3D colour coded reports that show the extent and location of outstanding punch list issues. These reports are easy to read and interpret because the information is shown in context within the plant. This improves management decision making because any logistical issues that need to be considered can be appreciated before hand.

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