PLM Information

ArtrA is a database management application with a graphical front-end that’s designed to handle any kind of plant information. It can be easily customised by operations people without the need for specialist programming skills. Any information can be dealt with be it punch listing, testing, maintenance history or instrument calibration records. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be applied or how that information is used. Instead of having plant information in a number of disparate databases or Eplant_infoxcel sheets, ArtrA keeps it all in one place and makes it instantly accessible to mangers and operators as a reliable single point of truth.

PLANT INFORMATION is managed through database tags & properties that are defined in ArtrA Administrator and linked to 3D model objects using ArtrA Archiver. Tags may contain a hybrid of model attributes and database properties. An unlimited number of tags can be linked to an object using a single CAD attribute such as an equipment number. The tags are assigned to disciplines to prevent information overload and the data is kept secure through password protected user rights.

The linking processes uses fast drill down searches that are saved and reused to ensure the consistency of future plant information. Once a tag is linked to the model the information can be recalled by simply clicking on the object if you know where it is, or by searching for it in the model. The same information is available in Librarian where the information can be filtered, managed and reported to excel. Having information in tabular format as reports or excel sheets is one thing, but being able to view it in context with your plant allows you better understand the information and make better business decisions.

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