Plant Documentation

An important factor in the day to day operation of process plant is having confidence that the correct information to support decision making can be quickly accessed. ArtrA provides fast and reliable document access through the 3D model or through its in-built DMS, ArtrA Librarian.Plant_doc_1

EFFICIENT DOCUMENT RETRIEVAL. All key design documents such as PFD’s, P&ID’s, plot plans, structural & piping GA’s & sections and isometrics are linked to the relevant equipment & piping objects in the model. They can be retrieved by clicking on an item and selecting the correct document or drawing from a list of categories or disciplines. This makes document retrieval more efficient since often the drawing name or drawing number does not include the items reference number. Being able to view documents in context with your plant allows you better understand the information and make better business decisions.

INTERFACE WITH DMS. Although ArtrA Librarian is a fully functional document management system, it can be integrated with other project DMS such as SharePoint, Acconex, Scandocs etc. to ensure there is no duplication of information.

MODEL SEARCH FOR DOCUMENTS. Documents can be searched for by document name, author, category, discipline or any of the ArtrA meta data properties that have been attached. When documents are searched for in Archiver a results list will be provided and the corresponding objects in the model will be highlighted.

MODEL BASED DOCUMENT ANALYSIS. By searching and highlighting items in the model that should have documents linked to them, it soon becomes apparent which objects are missing the correct documentation and steps can be taken to remedy the situation.

LIBRARIAN DMS. Documents are managed, categorised and filtered and in ArtrA Librarian where meta data properties can be added and reports generated.

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