Asset Management

ArtrA enables the entire asset to be manged as a single resource by providing instant access to all documents, drawings and database information through a unique model based management interface. With ArtrA the information is always available whether its needed in the boardroom, in the office or out on site. By providing a single point of truth, ArtrA delivers information that can be relied on and used for decision plm_asset_2making.

Information concerning the plant structure, main equipment and piping systems including all valves & instrumentation is readily available to management and the operations team. ArtrA is also concerned with all buildings on the site including entrances, perimeters, access roads and all other infrastructure assets right down to street lighting and signage. This comprehensive view of the plant facility makes ArtrA a true asset management system.

Having a 3D model of the facility helps everyone involved to better understand the asset in context with its surroundings. A key to ArtrA’s power and flexibility is its capability of handling a combination of models from any of the leading 3D plant design or BIM systems. These may be information rich intelligent models from systems such as PDMS, Revit or Tekla, basic 3D models from AutoCAD or SketchUp, or 3D models created from laser scanning. In all cases ArtrA will link reliable database information to the model where its available to all stakeholders.

ArtrA is capable of defining and applying a unique location based asset number to all assets on the site so they may be better managed and reported. The information in ArtrA will be of a higher quality and more detailed than is usually found in asset management systems, and If required it can be exported to csv to populate FM applications such as Maximo.

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