Document Access

A key function of ArtrA when used for Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM) and BIM based asset management is its ability to link documents to a 3D CAD or BIM model which allows O&M staff to quickly access all the information pertaining to the facility.

ArtrA Librarian includes a Document Management System (EDMS) for process plant and Building Information Models (BIMs). Its unique structure allows it to be used in a manner that suits the multiple disciplines and engineering processes that are used during design, construction, installation and commissioning. ArtrA Librarian EDMS has been specifically developed to run with 3D CAD or BIM systems for the efficient handover of project information.

ArtrA manages documents by their properties (author, date etc.), categories (O&M, installation, isometric, weld report, defects, etc.) and disciplines (piping, instrumentation, architectural, structural, etc.) and is ideally suited to the process planning and AEC document control environment.

ARTRA DOCUMENT LINKING. Linking documents and information with ArtrA is unique, flexible and efficient.  Once a document is in ArtrA Librarian, the process is simple:

  • An interrogative search is made on the model such as “find all valves on the steam system
  • The results are found, listed and identified graphically in the model.
  • A document or group of documents is dragged and dropped from the Librarian onto the results list and automatically linked to the results.

The next time an O&M person runs a search, or just browses to one of the valves, all the linked documents will be available.

DOCUMENT SEARCH & TAG FILTERING. ArtrA Librarian provides the tools for advanced search and filtering of documents and tags. Documents can be found quickly based on title, author, category, publisher, properties, and user-defined filters.

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