Barcodes & RFID

Barcode integration is made possible using the unique ID’s of objects in BIM or 3D process plant models. The primary functions are model navigation, information access and way finding.

MODEL NAVIGATION. When a barcode attached to an object is scanned with a tablet PC equipped with a barcode reader, ArtrA will ‘zoom’ to the item in the model and make all linked documentation, information and maintenance tags available for selection. This saves the user from having to navigate the model manually and gives confidence that the correct information is being reviewed. Barcodes are typically used in plant rooms to identify & locate MEP equipment & fittings such as boilers, pumps & valves, but they are also effective when attached to door frames and used to locate a particular room and its data.

WAY FINDING. ArtrA’s barcode functionality can be used by field engineers for way finding in complex process plants. Instead of being attached to a physical object in the plant the barcode is printed onto paper which when scanned by a tablet PC with a barcode reader will zoom to the corresponding object(s) in the model. This helps the user to locate the equipment or line number that is to be inspected by showing it in context with the surrounding plant.

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