ArtrA Tags

An unlimited amount of information can be added to a project database and linked to a 3D model or BIM through ArtrA in the form of ArtrA Tags and properties. These are defined in ArtrA’s SQL database and accessed through the model as Tag-Input Forms in ArtrA Archiver & Tracker, or through ArtrA Librarian. ArtrA’s simple yet powerful tagging approach enables you to:

EASY TO IMPLEMENT. Thanks to ArtrA’s intuitive user interface, Tags can be defined quickly by a BIM manager, or site engineer without any specialist customisation or programming skills. They are linked to objects in the model in Archiver by searching for attributed information such as Family, Category, ID, Description, etc. and creating a unique set of results onto which the Tags are drag/dropped. A full set of sample Tags are shipped as standard by BIM PRODUCTS which can be modified to suit most projects and building processes. Tags can be used for:

  • Adding equipment or asset information
  • Location based asset register
  • Creating & managing room data
  • Progress monitoring
  • Commissioning mechanical & electrical equipment
  • Recording inspection information
  • Sign-off & handover during fit-out
  • Snagging & defects
  • Maintenance information & record keeping
  • Facilities management processes
  • Condition survey
  • Barcodes

ADD/CAPTURE INFORMATION. You can add or capture almost any kind of information through ArtrA Tags. They can be used to add the information necessary for Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM), or BIM based asset management. Tags can also be used to monitor progress during construction & fit-out, or to capture maintenance information during facilities management and condition survey. Information can be captured from site through Tag-Input-Forms on tablet PC’s, or manipulated in bulk through ArtrA Librarian.

UPDATE AND ADD INFORMATION. Information in a 3D model or BIM is generally fixed during the design phase and is not changed or updated during construction. ArtrA is different. The tags provide the flexibility to deal with project information as it grows and changes to provide a continually developing information resource.

3D VISUAL INTERFACE. ArtrA uses a 3D model as the gateway to access project information which can be accessed by clicking on objects in the model and opening the Tag-Input-forms attached to them.

SEARCH TAGS. Properties in the tags can be searched for and found in the model so they can be reviewed in context with their surroundings.

THEMATIC VIEWS. Properties in the Tags have the ability to change the colours of objects in the model to create meaningful thematic management views of project Information and progress.

DATABASE PROPERTIES. Most Tags will contain one or more attributed properties from the model as well user defined properties which can be Short Text, Date/Time, Whole Number, Decimal Number, Masked Text, Yes/No Sequenced value, or Memo/Long Text.

DISCIPLINE DRIVEN. Tags are assigned to disciplines that are accessible to users depending on their login rights.

MANAGE LARGE VOLUMES OF DATA. An unlimited number of tags can be linked to a single object making it possible to deal with substantial amounts of information. On one large hospital project more than 2.5 million pieces of additional data was added to the ArtrA databases.

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