BIM O&M Handover

These days most architects & engineers are designing buildings in 3D, yet the clients who own and operate them rarely have the opportunity of benefiting from the BIM models they pay for. ArtrA is an interactive solution for BIM handover and O&M and a complete information resource that sets new standards for building owners and operators.

O&M HANDOVER. ArtrA is the perfect solution for construction companies who are required by their clients to deliver a digital O&M to the building owner. ”ArtrA has been used to deliver the Health & Safety Fie and Operations and Maintenance Manuals at a cost 50% less than our usual budget allowance”. David Throssell – Skanska.O&M_1

READ ONLY O&M. Once the project is completed a Read-Only copy of the building information resource can be produced and handed over to the building owner. This provides owner operators with full access to building information through the BIM and is the basis for BIM based facilities management.

MODEL BASED DOCUMENT ACCESS. With its unique model based document & information access, ArtrA helps owners and facilities managers better understand the buildings they operate. O&M information is quickly accessed by simply clicking on an object in the model or through ArtrA Librarian. Buildings can be viewed as federated models or by individual disciplines.

PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. Need to know the location of the main service shut-off valves? Just ask ArtrA to show you where they are within the building. Want to find the installation document for a diffuser? Then just click the object in the model and ArtrA will take you to the correct document, show you who supplied it and when it was last inspected. Even objects that architects & engineers have not modelled are dealt with. And off course the original BIM models and their IFC versions are all bound into the project, so when it comes time to extend or re-furbish the building the information is to hand.

INFORMATION TAGS. ArtrA holds information in its SQL database as Tags connected to the model. They can be used for anything from listing the design conditions for a space as defined by the architects and engineers, right through to the ICT installation in each room.

ROOM CONTENTS LIST. The majority of BIM models do not include the FF&E objects or information required by construction companies to deliver a building or by facilities managers to operate & maintain them. ArtrA’s Room Contents contains a comprehensive list of FF&E for each room or space in your building. Detailed properties for each item can include supplier, part numbers, and warranty conditions. And off course all the documents pertaining to the object are available to open or print. Room contents can be accessed either through the model by clicking on a room, or by selecting from a list in ArtrA Librarian.

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