Fit Out

ArtrA is an effective tool during the fit out phase because it handles the Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) that’s not normally included in a BIM model or on the design drawings. This information, which often becomes visible after construction has started, can be added to the database and linked to the BIM by the site team without using BIM authoringFFE-1 tools such as Revit.

DETAILED FF&E information is managed using tags and properties that are linked to the corresponding objects if they appear in the model or to the room & floor objects if they don’t. Any type of FF&E object or room finish can be dealt with or added at any time during the process. Creating the tags and properties in ArtrA’s database is intuitive and far easier than using spreadsheets to do the same job.




FF&E properties can include everything from the description of the fitting to the supplier, product codes and warranty information.

Once the properties have been defined they are included into the tags and linked to the model with the relevant documentation. Not only does ArtrA provide the up-to-date information needed by the construction and fit-out teams to get the job done, it will help record the various stages of progress for ‘types’ of rooms across the project.

THEMATIC REPORTS. FF&E information can be reported in tabular format through Librarian and Excel or as colour coded thematic reports in Archiver & Tracker to provide the site manager with a contextual overview.

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT. The FF&E information in ArtrA Tags and properties can be used for the O&M manual and serves a dual role when it is used by the owners FM team to manage the building.

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