FM & Asset Management

The follow on process after delivering a BIM based O&M database is to use the resource for facilities & asset management. ArtrA facilitates this by providing a complete dossier of information that is linked to the model. Being able to review the information in context with the building enables operators to have a better understanding of the facility and its services.

RELIABLE INFORMATION. Most BIMs are created during the design phase and it’s uncommon that they are kept fully updated with reliable as-built information. The reason for this is that more often than not detailed information concerning the actual furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) installed is not known until the fit-out phase. Consequently the BIM model becomes outdated and the information usually ends up in the O&M manual which has no connectivity to the BIM, until now. ArtrA provides the solution by allowing non modeled as-built information to be entered into the BIM database as properties in tags that are linked to the rooms or floor spaces in the building where they can be quickly and intuitively accessed.

LOCATION BASED ASSET REGISTER. ArtrA allows unique location based asset numbers to be assigned to all MEP assets such as dampers, diffusers, luminaries, and valves etc. and for them to be logically searched for and found during planned & preventative maintenance operations. In just a few clicks FM professionals can obtain chapter & verse information for all assets and access the relevant documents. ArtrA’s unique information access through the model and Librarian dramatically increases productivity by saving countess hours looking for the right information.

YOU CANNOT MODEL EVERYTHING. Most FM processes that need to be undertaken on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis cannot be modeled in a BIM. But with ArtrA it’s possible to deal with these processes as tags linked to the model. Weekly checks on fire safety systems for example can be dealt with using tags and properties attached to the relevant space locations in a building. Not only is it far more efficient to record this information electronically instead of on paper, it has the benefit of providing an audit trail that can be reported.

INTEGRATION WITH FM SYSTEMS. On medium sized projects ArtrA will add value to the entire facility management process. On larger projects ArtrA will save a huge amount of hours by exporting the as-built database which contains the most up-to-date reliable as-built information into a professional FM system such as Maximo or Plannnon.

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