Construction Process

ArtrA is a BIM based construction management solution for any type or scale of project. It has been used on hospitals with thousands of rooms, residential apartments, sports stadiums, and even highway infrastructure projects. ArtrA tags contain information that decision makers can rely on for all disciplines during pre-construction, main construction and fit-out whether its for recording progress, snagging, commissioning or sign-off. The key to ArtrA ‘s effectiveness is its flexibility and ability to be customised by construction staff without requiring programming skills.

PROGRESS MONITORING. ArtrA can monitor all aspects of construction including piling, steelworks, concrete and block work, right through to internal partitions and more. ArtrA tags tags can be quickly created to capture and record progress status as Not Started, In Progress, or Completed.

CONSTRUCTION REPORTS. Any information in the database can be filtered and exported to Excel from ArtrA Librarian or viewed through the model in Archiver as colour coded BIM reports.

INFORMATION ACCESS. ArtrA saves time by providing immediate access to all drawings and building information when and where its needed, be it in the conference room, site office, or out on site on a tablet PC.

MATERIAL TAKE OFF.We are using ArtrA to problem solve some of our construction phase issues and have already made significant savings using ArtrA’s solutions versus our traditional processes for example, we have used the material take off capability to drive down our typical dry lining wastage from 30% to 8% and our blockwork wastage from 10% to 5%. These accurate quantities have help ed us drive down MEP package growth from 20% to 8.5%.” David Throssell – Skanska Technology Ltd.

TRADE HANDOVER. On larger projects ArtrA is used to help manage and record the handovers between the various trade activities that take place on site. On the London & Barts hospital ArtrA managed more than 600,000 handovers between the building and MEP teams and was instrumental in delivering 7000+ rooms on time with zero defects.

FIT-OUT. ArtrA provides detailed FF&E information that is usually omitted from design BIMs. No additional modelling is required because the information is presented as tags linked to objects if they have been modeled or to the floor/room objects if they have not.

COMMISSIONING.  ArtrA is used for the commissioning and sign-off of all MEP equipment. The database is powerful enough to handle millions of records on a single project and on one large healthcare project was used to commission and handover more than 250,000 pieces of equipment.

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