Condition Survey

condition_survey_4Building Information Modelling (BIM) is generally associated with new building projects but is starting to become more widely used for facilities and asset management.

ArtrA extends the use of BIM even further into the field of condition survey by dealing with the issues concerning the maintenance of the building fabric and its services.

Capturing survey data from site electronically is a superior workflow compared to paper based methods which rely on the information being transcribed back at the office. In the field ArtrA is used in the normal way, i.e. by methodically ‘walking’ the site to record new defects, and monitoring existing conditions. But instead of making hand-written notes on drawings & clip boards, the information is entered through the predefined Tag-Input-Forms onto a tablet PC.

The information captured into the BIM database can be reported in tabular format from ArtrA Librarian where the data is filtered and output to Excel. The same information can be displayed thematically, in colour via the model, to visually locate the issues within the structure and better communicate the extent of an issue.

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