ArtrA is a BIM solution for construction management, fit-out and facilities management that connects a building database to a BIM model. Capable of handling all sizes of project from small apartment blocks through to large hospital complexes, it’s designed to make building information accessible to all stakeholders wherever its needed. ArtrA devices

The ArtrA concept is to hold building information and documentation in a database that’s connected to a model through an easy to use 3D viewer. By dispensing with the need for advanced BIM authoring skills, ArtrA makes building information accessible to more people on the project so keeping the BIM up-to-date is an achievable goal.

ArtrA uses models from any BIM authoring system such as Revit, ArchiCAD and Tekla in Navisworks format or as IFC. The system handles all disciplines either individually or as a federated model.

ArtrA’s flexibility allows it to be easily customised and maintained with current information. The building database can be accessed by all project stakeholders or handed over as a single transferable resource.

Because ArtrA works with both smart BIM models and dumb 3D models it suits the real world where the quality of BIM models will vary from project to project. ArtrA is only real solution for BIM based handover and O&M.

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